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Swiss - Chinese Trade Agreement - 6 Points to ask Print
Saturday, 14 January 2017
中文下面  紧急行动 緊急行動
The World Economic Forum will be held in Devos, Switzerland on January 17, 2017
China's President Xi Jinping will be attending the Forum. 
The Swiss government will be signing a trade agreement.
Please sign the letter asking the Swiss government and the World Economic Forum to ensure that following six points are guaranteed by the government of China before any agreement on trade is signed.
Please click to sign the open letter:   Talk to China
     1.  China to guarantee a legal basis for the arrest or detention of anyone sent to the Laogai system and report any products made within the Laogai system.
     2.  China to guarantee the protection of the environment and natural resources specifically in the Tibetan Plateau.
     3.  China to guarantee freedom of speech in media and internet and release all detained journalists.
     4.  China to guarantee the freedom of movement of persons, in particular Tibetans and Uighurs.
     5.  China to stop the restructuring or destruction of buildings in the Tibetan town of Larung Gar and place it under the protection of UNESCO.
     6.  Swiss corporations and Chinese corporations must follow corporate social responsibilities, guarantee the protection of the environment, Human Rights, including the principle of Freedom of Information.
这封公开信非常具体地在 六个问题上要求瑞士政府、议会和达沃斯论坛负责人根据瑞士法律和国际公认的普世原则要求参加会议的中国国家主席习近平 有所承诺和采 取具体措施。这六个问题是,
   四,人员自由迁 徙流动问题, 特别是对于藏人和维吾尔人;

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