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China Once Again Parade TV Confession Of More Human Rights Lawyers Print
Saturday, 15 April 2017


xie-yang.jpgHuman rights lawyers Jiang Tianyong  江天勇and Xie Yang謝 陽 were paraded on Beijing-backed Hong Kong Phoenix TV  on March 1, 2017.  Jiang "confessed" that he fabricated Xie's prison torture and Xie denied that he was tortured.  Xie was detained since July, 2015.  Jiang had been detained several times and last was disappeared in November, 2016.

However, Xie Yang, knowing China's government tactic, gave his lawyer, Chen Jiangang, a hand written testimony denying any guilt.  See below:


Xie Yang's declaration on Jan. 13, 2017

I'm Xie Yang, and I hereby declare:

Today I met with my attorney, Chen Jiangang, again. All my statements here are completely true and out of a free heart. I want to declare that I am completely innocent. 

I have been suffering from all kinds of severe abuse and torture since I was arrested on July 11, 2015. Nevertheless, I have never plead guilty, because I am not guilty. 

If someday I admit any guilt, whether in written form or voice recording, it would definitely not be out of my own will. It would be either caused by continued torture or to get a chance to be bailed out and reunited with my family. Both my family and I are under immense pressure now as the officials ask me to confess and stop talking about my torture.

Once again, I am innocent.

Xie Yang
Jan. 13, 2017




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